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Who we are

Azusa Technology has worked in the IT Services and Solutions industry since 2004. We provide IT, technical support and network solutions in Los Angeles County and the surrounding communities. Clients throughout Southern California turn to Azusa Technology as their IT consultant for technological resources and economical solutions. We train our team in preparedness to provide superior solutions to an organization’s IT needs.

Why us

Our unique niche brings IT services and solutions to both home and business in Los Angeles County and parts of Orange and San Bernardino counties. Azusa Technology supports state-of-the-art products that allow our clients to compute and compete aggressively in their respective industries. Besides all the tech, we strive to bring our family of clients a personal customer experience at every touchpoint.


In one sense, Azusa Technology provides superior IT service, solutions and consulting for home and business executives. In another sense, we maximize return on IT investments.