Category 3

Servers (Physical, Virtual & Cloud)

Servers (Physical, Virtual & Cloud) play a critical role in your IT infrastructure, and need to run 24/7. But maintaining servers can be a complex job, and a daunting task for busy business owners. Azusa Technology’s professional team of engineers manage both Windows and Linux servers.

Our elite support staff helps to administer your IT infrastructure. At a very reasonable cost, this flexible approach keeps your servers and your services up and running 24/7. We focus on your digital exchange so you don’t have to. 

Azusa Technology’s Microsoft Servers service covers:

Virtualization (VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix)

Today, IT infrastructure has become increasingly costly, inflexible and disorderly. Virtualization now provides cost-effective solutions to store your data securely, and serve it up to your staff, volunteers, customers, and the public …anytime, anywhere.


Security Camera Systems/CCTV

Keep out the criminals. Surveillance cameras provide security for your home and workplace. As an extra perk, they also videotape footage of any special events that occur on site.