Category 3

Mobile Device (Phones & Tablets) Repair

We provide factory-grade services for all Phone and Tablet products. If you have damaged to your screen such as scratches or if you have shattered your screen, we can help. Please bring your device to us and we will give you a free estimate on how much it will cost to repair your devices as well as the time frame. We do offer same day service to many devices.

Security Camera Systems/CCTV (HD Coax & IP Video)

Keep out the criminals. Surveillance cameras provide security for your business. As an extra perk, they also videotape footage of any special events that occur on site.


Azusa Technology provides suitable security cameras for every budget. Our range runs from state-of-the-art HD with 3 megapixel sensors, optical zoom, and pan/tilt functions …to our great value D1 advanced series range. And, from outdoor security to Wi-Fi cameras.


Servers (Physical, Virtual & Cloud)

Servers (Physical, Virtual & Cloud) play a critical role in your IT infrastructure, and need to run 24/7. But maintaining servers can be a complex job, and a daunting task for busy business owners. Azusa Technology’s professional team of engineers manage both Windows and Linux servers.