January 2014

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Testimonial #5

I think they were so helpful and very nice. I brought in my laptop that had some special kinda stuff on it and they got rid of it for me and kept a good chunk of my music files that I needed. I got the laptop as good as new and it still works several years later. I think they are pretty good at what they do.

Testimonial #4

Bricked a router on New Year's Eve. Yeah, I know. Anyway, I could find no other shop that could or would fix it. Azusa Technology responded with a good price and great service--it was ready next business day. I would highly recommend them.

Testimonial #3

Impressive company! I called to request a home visit/repair to reinstall a wireless network.

They first reminded me that this was something I could probably do myself.

They gave me a price, which I felt was very reasonable and had a representative at my home at the scheduled time the following day.

The rep showed me how to do the task - even giving me time to make notes! Kenny was professional, efficient and knowledgable.

A neighbor had recommended the company and I would definitely call them again if the need arises.